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Alex the Alien Released for Mobile Devices with Gamepad Support

We are pleased to announce that our premiere game, Alex the Alien and the Mummy's Pyramid, has officially launched on both the Google Play store, as well as the Amazon App Store.  There is also a FREE, ad-supported version on Google Play and Amazon.  And along with this new mobile edition of the game, we've added custom gamepad support!

Now, you can use any Bluetooth gamepad controller (or wired Xbox 360 gamepad) with the game!  Just visit the "Controls" screen from within the game to set it up.

The game is able to set up "default" controls for generic gamepads (Xperia style), Xbox 360 gamepads, and hardware keyboards.  But, players can individually remap buttons as well if their gamepad uses a non-standard layout.

With this new gamepad layout system, it prepares the game for other TV-based microconsole systems down the line.



Alex the Alien Released for OUYA

Our premier game, Alex the Alien and the Mummy's Pyramid has officially launched for the new OUYA console system.  You can see a writeup for it on OUYAlytics.com.  While the trial version you download only has the first 6 levels, the full version is just $0.99.  Think about that-- for the price of a sub-king size candy bar, you can have hours of entertainment and mirth from your OUYA gaming console!  Who wouldn't want that?

As stated in a previous post, we plan to also release Alex the Alien for other platforms as well, namely the Google Play store and Amazon App Store.  So stay tuned!



Alex the Alien Nears OUYA Release

We're excited to announce that our premiere game, Alex the Alien and the Mummy's Pyramid, is nearly completed and will be launching on the OUYA within the next few weeks.  If you haven't heard of the OUYA, it is an Android-based gaming console for your television, which a marketplace similar the the Google Play store or the iPhone App Store.  But unlike a smart phone, games are played on your television, using a gamepad.

We are expecting to release a trial version of the game (the first 6 levels) with an in-game option to upgrade for just $0.99.  Less than the price of a Snicker's Bar will get you more levels, more adventure, and more mummy!

And if you don't have an OUYA (and don't wish to buy one), don't worry, the game will also be released on other Android platforms shortly thereafter, including the Google Play store, Amazon App Store, etc.